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High-protein | High-fiber | micro-nutrient rich | low glycemic index

Why eat Lentils?

About our products

Elevate Your Meals, Simplify Your Cooking!

With our pre-seasoned lentil mixes you will find effortless excellence in every pot. Our all-spices added ready-to-cook lentils are a symphony of flavors, blending premium lentil varieties with thoughtfully curated spices for a taste that's as delightful as it is nutritious. From mouthwatering dahl soups to savory stews, our mixes make cooking with lentils a breeze, offering a rich source of plant-based protein, fiber, and essential nutrients for your overall health.

About our products

Guilt-free Snacks

For those on the go, our ready-to-eat lentil, millet and lotus seed snacks are a perfect solution. Packed with the goodness of lentils, they offer a satisfying crunch and an abundance of nutrients, making them an ideal snack that aligns with your health goals and busy lifestyle.


What our clients say

Seasoned lentils make cooking lentils accessible to the masses. Sunny toor is my favorite !


Mung lentil snacks are healthy and delicious, a truly unique combination.